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Lola Montez: The Scandalous Seductress Who Shook the World

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Feel the fire where she walks Lola Montez, so beautiful Shady and a tempered dame Blinding your eyes with her spider dance

Her performance utterly Erotic subversive to all ideas And for public morality And cool as she was, she didn't care

The lyrics of Volbeat's song "Lola Montez" aptly capture the essence of this iconic figure from the gold rush era.

Photo of Lola Montez
Lola Montez

Lola was a fragrance that had a name before the actual fragrance. While making my list of Gold Rush inspired names Lola needed a feminine and sophisticated fragrance. Luxurious and mysterious. When the blend was completed, I knew like the namesake our Lola was a star.

The real Lola Montez has such a unique history

Lola Montez Smoking
Lola Montez Smoking 1852
  • The first woman photographed smoking was Lola Montez

  • Lola Montez was a renowned 19th-century performer, courtesan, and political influencer.

  • Born as Eliza Rosanna Gilbert in 1818, she adopted the stage name Lola Montez later in her career.

  • Lola Montez gained fame for her exotic dances, particularly her "Spider Dance," which featured provocative movements and revealing costumes.

  • She captivated audiences across Europe and the United States with her charisma, beauty, and scandalous reputation.

  • Lola Montez became notorious for her affairs with influential men, including King Ludwig I of Bavaria and various political figures.

  • She used her relationships to gain power and influence, often intervening in political affairs and advocating for causes she believed in.

  • During the California Gold Rush in the 1850s, Lola Montez traveled to San Francisco, where she continued her performances and attracted a large following.

  • She was known for her flamboyant lifestyle, extravagant parties, and lavish spending.

  • Lola Montez's presence in California during the Gold Rush added a touch of glamour and excitement to the booming frontier atmosphere.

  • Despite her controversial reputation, Lola Montez left an indelible mark on the cultural and social landscape of her time, embodying both allure and controversy.

Her legacy endures.

  • Lola Montez has two lakes (an upper and lower) named after her in the Tahoe National Forest in Nevada County, California.

  • There is a mountain named in her honor, Mount Lola. At 9,148 feet, it is the highest point in Nevada County, California.

  • A nightclub in Sligo, Ireland bears her name.

  • The only home she owned in Grass Valley, California is designated California Historical Landmark no. 292

  • Some have said the use of the term "Femme Fatal" was coined in reference to Lola Montez

Photo of Home of Lola Montez  in Grass Valley, CA
Home of Lola Montez in Grassy Valley Ca By Jane Pojawa - Own work,

Home of Lola Montez in Grass Valley, Ca By Jane Pojawa - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Lola is available in 10 oz coconut soy candles, 3 oz coconut soy candles and soy wax melts:

Lola is

Trail Marker for Lola Montez Trail in El Dorado National Forest
Trail Head Marker for Lola Montez Trail in Tahoe National Forest

a best seller among the locals of the Mother Lode and across the country.

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