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About Us

History Buff with a Wax Problem

What happens when a coal miners daughter (yes really) has a passion for local history and crafting? Candles with a focus on local history are born!

I'm Amy (that's me in the picture)  and I have always been a history buff. I grew up in Western Pennsylvania, and visiting locations pivotal during the American Revolution brought history to life for me.
I've been a California resident for over 20 years and 7 years ago the beautiful California Gold Country became my home. The people, places and objects of this time were the inspiration for Gold Rush Wax. The signature scents of the shop are named for places and people from this significant time in American History.
All of my candles and wax melts are made with natural wax and hand-poured in small batches. All fragrances are free of harmful chemicals ( no phthalates! ) and I use cotton wicks.

That's me The history buff behind Gold Rush Wax Co
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