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It Smells like Newsprint...

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Customer: Why is this Candle called American River?

Me: Because it smells like a summer day spent with friends along the American River.

Customer: (smells candle again) OOOOH IT DOES, wow, that's clever.

I love these types of interactions at events, it gives me a chance to tell someone a little story from history while they are enjoying a good smelling candle.

It was one such interaction that led to Gold Rush Wax Co being the news, in a good way!

In April while at the San Andreas Ragin Cajun Festival a woman was asking me how I come up with the names for the fragrances. I usually stop after a few minutes of rambling about one or two history tidbits, but she said no I love history. Turns out she was a reporter from the Calaveras Enterprise and asked if I would be interested in being interviewed in a segment they do on new businesses.

Screenshot from the Calaveras Enterprise website showing the Gold Rush Wax Co feature
Screenshot from the Calaveras Enterprise website showing the Gold Rush Wax Co feature

I was ecstatic and humbled that this history nerds hand made candle business would be deemed newsworthy. Two months after this chance meeting there we were in the digital and then the print edition, front page below the fold.

The writer (thank you Marie-Elena) did such an awesome job and made me seem more interesting than I see myself. I loved this line "Betsch either spends her days with her nose in a history book or else over a pot of melted wax, mixing fragrances to find the perfect pairing to complement the history she is enthralled with." That is ME! I actually teared up a bit with pride at just how far my vision has come.

History buff and candle maker
Me with my nose in a book testing a candle. The book is "The Saw the Elephant" by Jo Ann Levy

You can read the article here:

Thank you all for your support and sticking around to read this :)

I am off to start work on the fall collection!

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