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Cape Horn Fragrance: Green Mandarin, Sea Kelp & Clary Sage Scented Candle

Cape Horn Fragrance: Green Mandarin, Sea Kelp & Clary Sage Scented Candle

Top : Green Mandarin, Lemon Flower, Himalayan Salt
Middle : Blue Sea Kelp, Mineral Waters
Bottom : Clary Sage, White Thyme, Santal


Available in 10oz. or 3 oz. Coconut Soy Candle and 2.75 oz. Soy Wax Melts, California Air FreshenerMountain Air Freshener and Travel Size Room Spray


In 1848, the promise of untold riches beckoned from the distant shores of California, like a siren's call across the nation. With the discovery of gold along the American River, the fever of the Gold Rush swept through the country, igniting the dreams of countless fortune-seekers.

Amidst the chaos and clamor of this newfound frenzy, a group of intrepid souls embarked on a journey that would define their destinies. Setting sail from the bustling ports of the East Coast, they braved treacherous seas and unpredictable weather, their compasses guided by nothing but hope and determination.

As they ventured further westward, leaving behind the familiar comforts of home, they found solace in the fragrant embrace of Cape Horn. Its top notes, reminiscent of the zesty tang of Green Mandarin and the delicate allure of Lemon Flower, captured the essence of their anticipation, of the dreams that danced tantalizingly on the horizon.

In the heart of their odyssey, amidst the vast expanse of the ocean, they encountered the tranquil serenity of Blue Sea Kelp and the purity of Mineral Waters. These middle notes, like a soothing balm for the weary soul, whispered tales of resilience and strength, of the unyielding spirit that drove them ever onward.

Finally, as they reached the golden shores of California, they were greeted by the rugged simplicity of the frontier. The base notes of Clary Sage, White Thyme, and Santal enveloped them in a warm embrace, grounding them in the raw beauty of the untamed wilderness.

Their journey was arduous, fraught with peril and uncertainty, yet through it all, they persevered. For in the pursuit of their dreams, they discovered that true wealth lay not in the glimmer of gold, but in the courage to chase the unknown, and in the bonds forged along the way.

With Cape Horn, their story lives on, a tribute to the indomitable spirit of those who dared to chase their dreams across oceans and continents, in search of a brighter tomorrow.



    Available in 10 oz and 3 oz Coconut Soy Candle and 2.75oz Soy Wax Melts


    • Size: Volume 10oz  283 g Net Weight  or 3oz (85g) Net Weight
    • Wick: Cotton (Lead and Zinc Free)
    • Wax: Coconut Based Wax Blend, Vegan, Non-GMO, Made in USA
    • Premium Fragrance Oil
    • Gluten Free, Phthalate Free, Non-Toxic, Cruelty Free
    • Made in the USA | Hand-poured in California


    • Always Trim Your Wick to 1/4" Before Candle is Lit Each Time to Avoid Any Soot
    • Burn Candle No More Than 4 Hours at a Time and Do Not Burn Candle with Less Than a 1/2" of Wax Remaining
    • Keep Candle Away from Fans, Open Windows, Hot Surfaces, Children, Pets
    • Never Leave a Burning Candle Unattended


    Wax Melts, 2.75 oz, 6 cube pack and are fragrant for many days of use.

    Wax melts are 100% Soy Wax

    Wax Melt Use:
    • Yes they smell great, but please do not eat the wax melts!!
    • Keep out of reach of children, pets
    • Use only in tea-light warmers or UL listed electric warmers approved for wax melts.
    • Do not add water or melt on stove top or non-approved appliances.


    If you should be dissatisfied with your purchase returns and exchanges will be accepted within 7 days.


    $8 flat rate shipping via first class US mail for orders up to $55 for orders over get $55 Free Shipping. Please contact about priority & express shipping.

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