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Journey to the Wild West: Exploring Gold Rush Wax Co's Westward Collection

Embarking on a journey often begins with a single step (or scent), a fleeting moment that ignites the imagination. For me, that moment came when I mixed a fragrance for soap, a simple act of creativity that blossomed into an obsession. As the aroma enveloped me, I knew I had stumbled upon something special – a blend that spoke to the soul and stirred memories of adventure. It was a scent that demanded to be shared, and thus, the seeds of the Westward Collection were sown.

My passion for storytelling and history, sparked by my previous social and blog posts detailing William Swain's 8 month journey to the gold fields, fueled my desire for a new endeavor. Inspired by the tales of hardship, perseverance, and triumph from the Gold Rush era, I felt compelled to honor the courageous souls who embarked on those perilous journeys – the 49ers whose spirits still echo through history's trails.

Thus, the Westward Collection was born—a labor of love honoring the intrepid adventurers who dared to chase their dreams across vast landscapes. Each fragrance is a testament to human spirit and the allure of the unknown. Join us on this fragrant odyssey, tracing the footsteps of the argonauts and discovering a bygone era in Gold Rush Wax Co's Westward Collection.

1. Cape Horn: A Maritime Adventure

Imagine setting sail from the bustling ports of the East Coast in 1849, bound for the untamed beauty of California's coastlines. Cape Horn captures the essence of this maritime adventure with its refreshing blend of citrus and oceanic notes.

Top Notes: The journey begins with the crisp scent of Green Mandarin and Lemon Flower, evoking the tangy freshness of citrus groves. Enhanced by a touch of Himalayan Salt, these top notes tantalize the senses and set the stage for the voyage ahead.

Middle Notes: As the ship cuts through the azure waters, the fragrance evolves with the addition of Blue Sea Kelp and Mineral Waters. These aquatic elements lend a sense of depth and movement, mirroring the ebb and flow of the ocean waves.

Bottom Notes: Anchoring the composition are the earthy tones of Clary Sage, White Thyme, and Indonesian Santal. Like treasures hidden beneath the sea, these aromatic ingredients add warmth and complexity to the fragrance, leaving a lasting impression reminiscent of sun-drenched shores and windswept cliffs.

Cape Horn is more than just a fragrance; it's a voyage of discovery, inviting you to explore the boundless expanse of the ocean and the promise of new horizons.

2. Overland: A Tribute to Exploration

Charting a different course through rugged and untamed wilderness, Overland captures the spirit of exploration with its rich and evocative fragrance profile.

Top Notes: Aged bamboo, sweet pepper, and hay lay the foundation of this imaginative scent, evoking the rugged landscapes and untamed beauty of the American frontier.

Middle Notes: Delve deeper into the heart of Overland, where notes of labdanum and myrrh add a sense of mystery and intrigue. Like treasures discovered along the trail, these aromatic ingredients unfold to reveal layers of complexity and depth.

Base Notes: As the journey reaches its culmination, the scent of cedar, guaiac woods, leather, and sandalwood complete the build, leaving a lasting impression that lingers on the skin like a cherished memory of the wilderness.

Overland is more than just a fragrance; it's a testament to the indomitable spirit of exploration and the thrill of discovering new horizons.

3. Panama: A Tropical Paradise Awaits

Transport yourself to the lush jungles and sun-drenched shores of Panama with this vibrant and captivating fragrance.

Top Notes: Ozone and watery notes evoke the refreshing sensation of a tropical breeze, while hints of honeydew melon and black plum add a touch of sweetness and exotic allure.

Middle Notes: Amidst the verdant foliage, discover the delicate floral accents of lotus rose, greens, and cyclamen, lending Panama its enchanting and romantic character.

Base Notes: Anchored by the earthy warmth of dry patchouli, desert sands, driftwood, and the intoxicating aroma of queen of the night, white jasmine petals, and ylang-ylang, Panama captures the essence of a tropical paradise in full bloom.

The Westward Collection by Gold Rush Wax Co stands as a testament to the artistry of fragrance-making and the rich tapestry of history that inspires it. Whether experienced individually or in harmony, each scent offers a unique journey of its own, weaving tales of adventure, resilience, and discovery.

As we tested each fragrance over the winter months, we delved further into the essence of the Gold Rush era, discovering fresh layers of complexity and intrigue within every scent. And now, we're thrilled to offer you the opportunity to experience the full spectrum of this collection with our bundled offering, allowing you to immerse yourself in the full majesty of the Westward Collection.

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